Team Management for
Serious Gamers

Stratbox is an all-encompassing team management solution, providing strat storage, a nade database, calendar and demo vault to make managing your CS team easy.

Scrap the Docs

You can't create great documentation for your team in an office suite. Stratbox gives you a bespoke suite of tools to make crafting your next great strategy a breeze.

Strat List

Get Organised

Use the calendar to ensure everyone in your team knows whats going on. No more messages asking if "prac on today?"

Find the Mistakes

Use the Stratbox Demo Vault to store and process your match and scrim replays. With Stratbox Insights (coming soon) you'll be able to get hints at where you're going wrong at a glance.

Demo Vault



  • Strat Editor
  • Demo Vault Max 50/mo
  • Nade Database
per month
per year (2 months free!)
Pricing is per team. Only the team leader is required to subscribe.
Stratbox includes a 7 day free trial, no credit card required.

Got Questions?

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